Mark Taylor's recommendations.

Allan Ross, Managing Director , First Independent Finance Ltd

I have been engaged on a number of projects with Mark , where he has used a quiet logical approach to investigate strategy by engaging a pool of people within a business to really understand where their key issues lie in terms of issues , competencies , goals , and where the business should focus. Mark has the ability to get the best from people , whilst challenging their perspective which allows the business to find areas of competitive advantage . To do that one needs to be a pretty capable individual , which Mark is.

Frank Craig, Strategic Development of Portfolio Firms, Regional Advisor, Scottish Institute for Enterprise

Eriskay Associates have worked with a number of our portfolio firms. I believe that their Strategic Framework is unique and was very beneficial to the firms involved such that it significantly improved their performance. I would strongly recommend Eriskay to other firms in need of a strategic review or improved profitability.

Randy Klinger, Business Planning, Founder, Moray Art Centre

I worked together with Mark Taylor to create a business plan for the art centre that I built in 2007 (Moray Art Centre). We had had other consultants to assist us over the years, but Mark was the first one who came to us with an assured, caring and positive “We can do this” attitude, that made the process much simpler, more enjoyable – and, most importantly – most effective! From Day 1, Mark had the ability to see the ‘gem’ in our project and held on to that ‘knowingness’, that determined belief – and that sustained us through the entire project. We are now implementing Mark’s plan and it is working! I hope that Mark shall be my mentor for years to come! Randy Klinger Founder and Director of Moray Art Centre