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Integridad - Business Development Solutions
I work with a diverse range of clients who are looking to develop and growth their business (es) - whether by expanding their export network, recruiting more staff, launching new products, streamlining their business processes and even those who just want to take a step back and consider their future direction. Many of these decisions are under pinned by making sure that the current team have the skills and attributes to implement the changes required for growth.

Identifying local businesses where there is a desire, and the commitment, to achieve significant growth over the next 3 years.

Working with the senior management team to identify the key barriers to growth and then developing a bespoke package of support to help overcome the barriers.

Selecting and introducing the most appropriate expert coach (s) to deliver the relevant support.

Ensuring that the leadership & management potential of key business mangers is maximised by identifying, and addressing, personal development needs.

Ensuring connectivity for businesses - bringing in other relevant expertise where required.

Identifying any follow on work necessary to ensure continuation of the company’s growth.

Encouraging partners and intermediaries to add value to their own client relationships, by referring businesses exhibiting growth characteristics to Growth Accelerator.


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