Fredrik Sandvall


Basic information
Sandvall Invest + Sales Excellence Acceleration
Fredrik has more than 20 years of experience of sales and management. He has worked as
sales leader, entrepreneur, managing consultant and partner.
Lancaster University Master Business Administration 01/10/2007 - 30/09/2008
Stockholm University International Business 30/08/2006 - 20/07/2007

SBR Consulting Principal Consultant 01/04/2011 - 31/05/2014
Coverdale Partner & Consultant 01/09/2008 - 30/12/2011
SEA Consulting CEO 01/01/2003 - present
Swedish Royal Marines COO (and many more roles) 30/08/1993 - 30/11/2010
HS Real Estate Property MD & CFO 26/06/1997 - present
Sandvall Invest Ltd Director 01/02/2013 - present

Fredrik's recommendations

Jasmin Lasar

I worked with Fredrik on several occasions during my time at T-Systemns International and was never disappointed. He always exceeded my expectations. He is a great consultant, partner and trainer which was proved many times.

Fredrik is an excellent consultant who supported my company in establishing ways of working that would improve business development and operational performance. He has a strong attention to detail, ability to ask the pertinent questions, he is very good at communicating and clearly has a passion for supporting his clients to achieve results.

Fredrik's services
  • Management consultancy
    Have worked in 37 countries leading multi cultural teams towards reaching goals --> Experienced in teaching others how to do this
  • Business consultancy
    Effective communications with Customers = In the sales process, Service Delivery, Account management and After Sales Services
  • Coaching and mentoring
    Focus on business needs and output supporting CEOs, MDs, Sales Directors, Partners, Directors and Sales Managers
  • Sales consultancy
    Customised Sales / Sales Leader (BD) to fit your company. Customers ranging from Big Four Partners to Senior Consultants of Mid size consultancies. Benefits: comfortable double digit growth of new business and existing account development
  • Strategy consultancy
Fredrik's projects
Fredrik's articles
  • Work work work or STOP
    Fredrik is working with helping people and companies to grow, especially people who are prepared to change and step up. This article is about STOP-ing a bit more often and think
  • What Does ‘Service to Sales’ Mean to Your Business?
    This article is about translating the service/consulting provided closer to sales. Case study from IT but applicable across companies selling services.
  • Communication During RFP or Assessment Period
    A few basics on what you can do in terms of Communication During RFP or Assessment Period
  • Collaborating, Educating & Visualising
    In this article, I look at the importance of educating and collaborating in the customer meeting and how we can add value to the customer.
  • Can You Choose a Sales Culture?
    This article is about choosing a culture (in sales). Most consulting companies have an interesting view of sales culture or business development. The author works across industries with increasing revenue
  • The Power of Your Network
    Referrals, an often under-used and forgotten source of new business, despite it being both a quick and easy way of getting new customers. So, why is asking for referrals under-used? We forget to ask for them.
  • Finding the best total solution
    This article focuses on sales as a key task to becoming a market leader, by using the theory of ‘Value disciplines’, developed by Micheal Treacy and Fred Wiersema.
  • Sell your idea
    So how do you create buy-in for your idea? In other words, how do you sell it?
  • Trust in a relationship
    ‘The trick of earning trust is to avoid all tricks,’ from the The Secrets of Consulting by Gerald Weinberg How to manage the often misused term TRUSTED ADVISOR
  • Winning Your Inner Battle – Are You Pricing for Value Delivered?
    The basics of value based selling: Connect your offering to customers needs, the real deal, customise your offering and have the conversations with the right persons (MAN = Money, Authority Need).