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Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

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Lake Consulting Ltd
Tony works with leaders of businesses and their teams, in both consultant and Non Executive Director roles, to ensure they have clear direction and goals for their businesses and secure the engagement of their teams to deliver these through improving performance, customer satisfaction and competitiveness. He draws on his experience working with both local and global organisations

- Strategic Planning
- Strategy Deployment
- Balanced Scorecard
- Management Team Development
- Senior Team facilitation
- Leader Development
- Business Improvement
- Process Improvement
- Innovation
- Lean
- Leader Coaching
- Mentoring individuals and teams
- EFQM based assessment and diagnostics
- Customer Satisfaction Assessment and Improvement
- Training needs analysis and plans
- Non Executive Director
Manchester Business School Business Administration 24/08/1970 - 05/07/1971
Imperial College, University of London Mechanical Engineering 21/08/1967 - 06/07/1970
Penn State University Creativity, Innovation and Change 02/09/2013 - 19/11/2013

PA Consulting Group Senior Consultant 05/03/1984 - 04/12/1992
Michelin Tyre Co Ltd Production Manager 17/08/1970 - 16/03/1979
Management Systems Dynamics Management Consultant 19/03/1979 - 02/03/1984
Lake Consulting Ltd Managing Director 04/01/1993 - present

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Tony's services
  • Process consultancy
    Process consultancy projects use Process Mapping and Lean based approaches and tools to improve performance and value add through driving waste of all types from processes. High focus is also given to people engagement and skills and knowledge transfer
  • Management consultancy
    Management Consultancy service spans, strategy, business improvement, process improvement, performance improvement, customer satisfaction improvement and people development areas
  • Coaching and mentoring
    Coaching and mentoring at individual and team level including Leader coaching, Mentoring individuals and teams, Senior Team facilitation supported by a range of Leader, and Team development approaches
  • Change management consultancy
    Change Management Consultancy service is strongly focused on Customer and Marketplace driven change and Innovation through process and people development
  • Strategy consultancy
    Strategy Consultancy service includes Strategy Planning, Strategy Deployment and Balanced Scorecard used in combination or as single main focuses. Tony also provides strategic input in his role as an experienced Non-Executive Director
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