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Scott has particular expertise in forging collaborative partnerships/alliances between public and private sector organisations. He has worked with central government departments, local authorities, fire & rescue authorities, government agencies, housing associations, the oil and gas industry, infrastructure companies, telecoms and many others.

With an extensive knowledge and practical understanding of public procurement, Scott has led major reviews, restructuring projects and supported significant procurement projects within national and multi national organisations. He has also supported the creation of Joint Venture companies and Public/Private sector partnerships.

Over the last 5 years Scott has worked with clients to respond to the challenges of the efficiency agenda particularly through designing and delivering a more radical approach to service delivery. This work has involved strategic option appraisal; developing improved internal structures and processes; and implementing collaborative based partnerships/alliances between the public, private and 3rd sectors.


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  • Business transformation consultancy
  • Change management consultancy
  • Management consultancy
  • Procurement
  • Strategy consultancy
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