Julius Ayodele


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Freelance Assessor UK Limited
Julius is an entrepreneurial leader and manager with a reputation for helping organisations to succeed in breaking into new territories, winning customers, expanding and growing their market share with strong focus on triple bottom line.
He has work with international and multinational organisations across different sectors including profit making and voluntary organisations. He is currently helping various organisations to realise their vision of sustainable growth and development in the 21 century in ever changing and challenging business environment.
Julius track record of innovative approach to business, strategy development and sustainable development has helped him to develop strong reputations with leaders, managers and entrepreneurs in different organisations.
Julius is very pragmatic, results oriented, committed, resilient, determined, morally and ethically responsible, friendly person with outstanding interpersonal, entrepreneurial, innovative, transformational and communication skills.
He is currently looking for opportunities to support organisations that has visionary leaders, who are interested in developing and growing their organisations in the 21st century in a sustainable way, with strong focus on values of always doing the right thing.


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  • Business transformation consultancy
  • Change management consultancy
  • Sales consultancy
  • Skills broker
  • Strategy consultancy
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