Derek Burn


Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

Basic information
HR PERFORM-PAY AUDITOR - (HR Strategy & Reward)
07768 731673
Name DEREK BURN Senior Partner of HR PERFORM-PAY AUDITOR -a registered practice of the Institute of Consulting and operating to the BSI Quality Standard for Management Consulting, 5* RATED CONSULTANT

Qualifications BA (Hons) Business
Fellow, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
Fellow, Institute of Consulting (Certified Management Consultant)


2008 - Current HR Perform – Pay Auditor (Senior Partner)
ACAS Independent Expert

2001 - 2007 DLA MCG Consulting Director

1973 - 2001 MCG Consulting Senior Partner; Partner; Assistant Partner; Consultant

1970 - 1973 Dunlop Ltd Strategic Planner on graduating; Management Trainee

Derek Burn is the Senior Partner of HR Perform - Pay Auditor, having previously been Director, Consultancy within DLA Piper MCG and a Partner with MCG. He has responsibilities for Human Resources and Organisation Development consultancy across all sectors including HR strategy, policies, procedures and systems, job evaluation, salary and benefits benchmarking and structures, performance appraisal and organisation structuring. Clients have included 200+ organisations across the public and private sectors. Recent example include :
• 2014-16 Job evaluation, pay and organisation structural review for a Major Charity (1500 employees)
• 2014-16 Development of Job Evaluation, pay and grading - Leading University.
• 2013-14 Review and Update of Evaluation Scheme for Government Body- Including Training of 30 Staff in Equality and Diversity Implications and use of Job Evaluation Scheme.
• 2013 - Pay Research and Reward Review Senior Leadership Team - Multi-Academy Trust
• 2013 - Skills Audit for a Governing Body
• 2013 - Evaluation and Pay Strategy - Regulatory Body including Directors' Remuneration Packages
• 2011-12- Adviser to Financial Services Organisation on Board Level Remuneration
• 2011-12- Total Reward Audit for major Alternative Energy Company
• 2010-12- Client Manager - Academy Job Structuring and Job Evaluation/Pay Project.
• 2010-11 - J.E./Performance/ Pay Research support to Consumer Electronics Company
• 2009-12 - Assisting DLA Piper in Recruitment Procedures Audit throughout Government Departments and Agencies
• 2010 -Client Manager Senior Management Structuring and Reward -Distribution /Wholesale/ Retail
• 2008-09 -Client Manager Assisting with integration of 3 Organisations reward structures into Skills Development Scotland
• 2008 Quality Meat Scotland J.E./ Pay Research/Structuring Projects.
• 2005-08 - Client Manager - Housing Association Structuring and Job Evaluation/Pay Project.
• 2007-08 - Client Manager Local Council Job Evaluation Scheme.
• 2006-07 (and 1999-2001) - Advisor to the Government of Ireland Public Service Benchmarking Body on a public/private sector comparison - Job Family related Job Evaluation and pay study.
• 2005 - Appointed as an ACAS Independent Expert on Equal Pay and Job Evaluation
• 1997-2000; 2001-04; 2005-08; 2009-12 - Appointed four times in succession as a framework agreement provider of Pay and Job Evaluation studies and advice to Office of Manpower Economics – Studies have included Prison Officers reward structures and strategies; Armed Forces pay studies and part of Advisory Team to Bain enquiry on Firefighters’ pay and conditions.
Derek worked with the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development developing now HR Benchmarker in which over 1000 organisations have participated- an Audit of Personnel Activities and Costs, Policies and Procedures providing the leading database of current practice in HR.
He is author of three books “Benchmarking the HR Function” and “Achieving Corporate Success Through People,” published by Financial Times/Pitman Publications and “Pay Audit-Equal Value Reviews and Beyond”. Authored Equal Pay Chapter for the CIPD Reward Management Manual and a A Guide to Discrimination Law and Pay for the Office of Manpower Economics
He worked as an advisor in the 1980's to the EOC (now the EHRC) on job evaluation factors that were considered gender bias free.


Derek 's recommendations

Laura Jones

Derek has provided NCHA with really great support on market data, job evalution and pay structure issues over the last 10 years. He has a flexible and pragmatic approach to the work and consistently comes in on time and to budget.

Luke Hopkin

I welcome the opportunity to recommend Derek and confirm my appreciation of the support he has provided to SDS and to myself personally during our time working together. SDS is a NDPB employing approximately 1200 people across all areas of Scotland. Derek has provided consultancy advice to us over a number of years in relation to Job Evaluation. This has included the design and implementation of a bespoke factor comparison based job evaluation system covering over 200 unique job roles. Derek has subsequently continued to provide advice on the embedding of our job evaluation approach within the organisation and how it can be utilised to promote good practice in organisational design. Derek has a deep knowledge and expertise in his field and has demonstrated himself as a credible partner to a number of internal audiences including trade union partners and senior leaders within the organisation. Nonetheless what I personally appreciate more is Derek's willingness to consider the practical implications of his advice and to relate it to how business outcomes can be achieved, helping us identify and take opportunities. It is this quality in particular which allows me to recommend him to others with assurance.

Derek 's services
  • Business adviser
    "Reward” is at the heart of any business, and it is essential to adopt a structured, diversity and equal pay claim proofed approach to building pay and reward systems. We advise on the most cost effective forms of remuneration available.
  • HR consultancy
    HR Perform - Pay Auditor provides an integrated approach to HR - starting with an audit and recognising that employee motivation, performance management and fairness are the keys to business success
  • Business consultancy
  • Change management consultancy
  • Management consultancy
Derek 's projects
Derek 's articles
    Training is an expensive commodity. Unless it is well focussed a major resource is being wasted Skills Audit helps link training to the Corporate Plan and effective Aims and Objectives - acting as a start point for effective and "joined up" training
    Important issues to consider during a Pay Review include: Pay Surveys, Performance and Competence Appraisal, Job Descriptions, Recruitment, Career Progression, Succession Planning, Training, Job Evaluation, and Organisation Development.
  • EQUAL PAY AUDIT MAKES REAL BUSINESS SENSE (If conducted from a Sound Commercial Perspective)
    Derek Burn argues that it is better to undertake a business focussed Pay Audit NOW rather than awaiting the pressure and potentially punitive costs of a successful Equal Pay Claim - which, even if won by the Company, incurs huge time and cost commitments.
    Senior Executive Reward and Board Pay are not topics that can be addressed in isolation. Derek Burn, pay advisor to over 100 companies, argues overall remuneration strategy must be healthy if Board Level Remuneration is not to become a contentious issue