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Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

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Corporate Focus (UK) Limited
07968 958494
As a professional manager I have spent almost identical amounts of time as a consultant and in executive positions in manufacturing and service companies. I have managed businesses with as few as two employees and as many as 900 on multiple sites. As a consultant I have worked with over 750 organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors. My main work consists of strategic planning, high performance working, training programme development and delivery, executive mentoring and non-executive directorships.
Sheffield Electronic Engineering 01/09/1966 - 01/07/1969
Sheffield Hallam Business 01/09/1982 - 01/07/1983
Sheffield Hallam Systems Implementation 01/09/1988 - 01/07/1992

Rank Xerox Advance Manufacturing Engineer 01/09/1969 - 01/07/1974
ITT Semiconductors Senior Production Engineer 01/07/1974 - 01/07/1976
Backer Electric Technical Director 01/07/1976 - 01/07/1982
TEK Management Consultants Operations Director 01/07/1982 - 01/07/1992
Melfin UK Managing Director 01/07/1992 - 31/12/1993
Corporate Focus Proprietor 01/12/1993 - 01/07/1995
NTP Meridian Operations Director 01/07/1995 - 01/07/2003
Luton Spraying Limited Chairman & Managing Director 01/07/2003 - 01/07/2006
Corporate Focus (UK) Ltd. Managing Director 01/07/2006 - present

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