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Former Regional Business Adviser for Creative Industries in England's North West, Head of Creative & Digital Industries at NWDA, Regional Business Adviser for UKTI for Creative Industries, Interim Director of the NorthernNet Innovation Programme, Adviser to the Arts Council, author of the Confidence Building Sales & Marketing MasterClass, former MD of the biggest specialist marketing agency in Europe. Member of the Institute of Consulting and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Winner of the 2007 Institute of Business Consulting Award for Best Business Growth.
The City University London Economics with Technology 16/09/1968 - 14/07/1972


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Ray's services
  • Coaching and mentoring
    Mentoring, coaching and formal training is all based on the principle of releasing the innate ability that everyone possesses. All learning becomes intuitive, so that results are instant and confidence-building is a constant theme.
  • Business consultancy
    Solutions developed for every situation, including structure, processes, pricing and profitability, HR issues - disciplinary, grievances, assessment, recruitment, succession management.
  • Business adviser
    Business advice for creative and digital businesses, simply delivered, with a single minded focus on identifying and addressing immediate business needs.
Ray's projects
  • No space for everything.
    Training and business support, for small businesses especially, remain a core interest. 'MasterClass Marketing' is a key resource under development for supporting workshops. Email for more information.
Ray's articles
  • The price of experience. The value of YOU.
    It's a classic small business dilemma. Price your service or product too high, and lose the customer. But in creative services, value is so much more than how long the work itself will take.
  • What price loyalty?
    When clients ditch suppliers because of routine reviews and flawed beauty parades, the lost value of shared learning can be catastrophic.
  • Pervasive media.
    Why we all need to work harder to generate income rather than indulge our online egos.
  • Time to ditch the pitch.
    Written for Creative Times about the huge waste of talent, time and money in traditional agency 'pitching' for client business.
  • The public sector goes private.
    Written for Freshfield PR's blog site. The need for everyone in the public sector to start thinking differently.
  • Been there, done that, got the source code. A tribute to Steve Jobs.
    This article was written for Creative Times on 1st September 2011, after Steve Jobs stood down from his post as CEO of Apple but before his untimely death.