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We are a small consultancy delivering Q,HS&E training and advice for individual companies and in partnership with business support organisations, conducting training, workshops, seminars and presentations in all aspect of quality, health, safety and environmental issues for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We work with employers on a ‘1-2-1’ basis to provide continuous specialised advice and support, with clients both in the private and public sector.

We advise clients on health and safety issues, from basic review of existing practices to the implementation of full health and safety management systems as well as developing Quality and Environmental Management Systems up to ISO certification – with particular attention on supply chain issues and tendering requirements.

If you want to get into the supply chain of large companies, or to win public sector contracts, you have to demonstrate that your business will not be a risk – not just in terms of finance and quality but also in respect of quality, health, safety and environmental issues.
Brunel Environmental Management 13/10/1999 - 09/07/2001
UCL Civil Engineering 14/09/1994 - 17/06/1997

Business Link Specialist Adviser 11/05/1998 - 15/06/2004

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