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Catandra LTD
01273 483 438
Utilising the power of Shirlaw's Growth Management Systems to help you identify and achieve your business why.

Clients are typically stuck in a rut, looking to create an exit plan or simply wanting to grow their business. The results the seek generally include:

- Increased profits

- More free time

- Less stress

Running a business is exciting and challenging; we work with owners, directors and entrepreneurs, empowering them to develop capability across their company to improve performance and increase long term value. In essence delivering transformation through people.

Without a firm vision and strategy you cannot move forwards, ensuring you have the right people supporting your business is critical to this. It is also imperative that your team feel part of the business and are supported by you.

I am supported by a global network of coaches taking a unique approach that is tailored to every client:
- Understanding vision
- Developing strategy
- Building culture
- Product evolution
- Market positioning
- Distribution channels
- Sales process
- Infrastructure
- Product/service delivery
- Client servicing

Working with you to provide the tools that analyse and create change along with the support to move forwards.

If you would like a confidential conversation please contact me directly on 01273 483 438 or


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Andy's services
  • Management consultancy
    Creating more profitable, more valuable and more enjoyable businesses.
  • Coaching and mentoring
    A coach should have the ability to put themselves in your shoes, empathise with you, see your potential and help you realise it.
  • Business consultancy
    Providing the technical expertise to generate sustainable growth.
  • Business adviser
    A sounding board and impartial adviser to business owners and directors.
  • Business transformation consultancy
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Andy's articles
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