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Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

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Robert Tripp is a management consultant who specialises in change through IT, principally in banking. His advice is sought and followed because of significant relevant experience and penetrating analysis exceedingly well communicated, whether in meetings, in the form of presentations or in written documents. Although he is technically very competent he has the gift for explaining technical issues so that they are relevant to business people. He is the founder and managing Director of Tripple Consulting and he uses this as a vehicle to develop talented graduates and to reduce the cost of consulting engagements to clients by relieving Robert of some of the lower skilled work.

Specialties: Current area of expertise is around payment systems such as New Payments Architecture and the impacts of Regulatory Developments such as Resolution Planning.
IESE MBA 01/09/1993 - 01/07/1995
Bath Maths 01/10/1977 - 01/07/1981
Institute of Consulting CMC 15/10/2003 - 16/10/2003

IBM Manager in Consulting Division 01/09/1981 - 31/07/1993
Gartner Group Spain Benchmarking Manager 01/09/1995 - 01/07/1997
NatWest Bank Internal Consultant 01/07/1997 - 01/04/2001
Tripple Consulting Founder and CEO 01/04/2001 - present

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  • Business transformation consultancy
  • Change management consultancy
  • IT consultancy
  • Technology transformation consultancy
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