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Bob Shepherd Asssociates
07747 758596
I have many years experience building businesses and I operate mostly in South East Wales. You will get an external view of your business, and realistic, pragmatic strategies and tactics for making your business grow and establish itself.
I view the whole business and look to make all of it work together, in proportion and effectively for you rather than against you.
You also have the benefit of my contacts and experience.


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Bob's services
  • Internal consultancy
    I look at the whole business offering and ensure it is working for you. The backdrop must support your intended presentation to the outside world.
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Finance consultancy
Bob's projects
  • Buisness Building
    Each piece of your business should interlock with the rest of it, like a giant jig saw.
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  • Articles by Bob Shepherd
    I have dozens of articles available on Linked In and on blogspot - search for Bob Shepherd Associates