Nigel Crawford


Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

Basic information Ltd
Nigel now specialises in the Health sector, focusing on Long Term Conditions (LTCs) diabetes and heart/strokes. He contributes to needed improvements in communications between patients and healthcare professionals, by co-designing with Londoners internet and mobile phone eHealth tools. Working for London Mayor's Health Programme, he is a member of a consortium co-designing an app, now in prototype form, with Londoners for Londoners.

Nigel is a long term patient advocate, having had diabetes for 40 years. He serves on both national and local UK health organisations. He is a member of Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) and of its Telemedicine & eHealth section, which studies health innovations from around the world and the lessons learnt. He is a member of Kings College (London) Health Partners, of the UK Primary Care Diabetes Society, and of an NHS SW London DCRG that is implementing NICE & HIN guidelines, standards and toolkits for Diabetes.

He has had diabetes for 45 years, and maintains a health knowledge database on good practice and lessons learnt worldwide.


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