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The People Mentor
My experience of strategically managing in the public sector over the last 25 years and my extensive experience enables me to draw on my own resources to find inventive solutions. I’m an affiliate Member of the CIPD. I’m often described as a resourceful problem solver demonstrating excellent people skills with the ability to be tough-minded where required.
I enjoy solving problems through empowering people, which is why I want to work with you and your employees. I am confident that the extensive experience I have gained from building teams, helping people’s ongoing development and long-term improvement of their skills, will improve the potential of your employees.
As your consultant I am thorough, practical and resourceful, supporting you and your business. I will work with you, in a confidential one-to-one capacity, advising and assisting you.
Having designed and expanded training and development programmes based on organisational needs, resulting in improved services to the general public, you can be assured that my experience in bringing in change enables me to support you through building your workplace team, reviewing current work processes, considering digital solutions and using business data to bring in improvements.

HMRC Various -junior to senior leadership 21/09/1987 - 31/12/2016

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Nicola's services
  • Business transformation consultancy
    Identification of the root cause of problems within the business plus an action plan. Workshops & training available for team building & Managers/Leaders. I can facilitate problem-solving events sharing tools to help.
  • Change management consultancy
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Management consultancy
  • Process consultancy
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Nicola's articles
  • Change - A Dirty Word
    Practical tips to use when implementing change to help you and your business. All picked up along the way in my career.
  • Building Resilience in 2017
    Top tips on creating resilience for you and your team for 2017.
  • Authentic Leadership
    What stands out to me in my career is when I've had authentic Leaders who truly cared about me and the business and who were not in it solely for themselves. Those people inspired and motivated me.