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Lance Cross Business Performance Ltd
07581 196552
Lance helps his clients solve their business problems. Many of these are to do with the people issues which arise as a consequence of growth. Some of his clients refer to him as their Business Guru. He delivers strategy and change consulting, business coaching, management and personal skills training and Investors In People advice. He also facilitates team communication events and awaydays.

He has enjoyed successful spells in general management, training, quality, network development and customer service, He is a qualified trainer, a licensed Investors In People practitioner and national level Business Excellence Award assessor. He uses this experience to help his clients, who range across a variety of sectors, to lift their horizon from the day to day to do some straightforward thinking about the future.

Previous roles include managing major improvement programmes at NatWest, setting up the local service provider network at Business Link Somerset, General Manager of Excellence South West for two years of its infancy and adviser to small businesses at Business Link West.

Lance has built up an extensive network of contacts for the sharing of learning and expertise. His main background and passion is facilitation aimed at helping senior managers to help themselves and their people to achieve better business performance.

Lance Cross Business Performance Ltd Owner 30/03/2009 - present
PES Consultant 03/04/2006 - 27/03/2009
Business West Business Adviser 01/04/2002 - 03/04/2006
Business Link Somerset Supplier Network Manager 03/04/2000 - 29/03/2002
Excellence South West General Manager 05/01/1998 - 31/03/2000
NatWest Group Business Excellence Consultant 04/04/1988 - 31/12/1997

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Lance's services
  • Strategy consultancy
    What do you want your business to achieve? Do all the Directors agree? Are they and your people clear on everyone's roles? How are your ambitions and objectives communicated?
  • Investor in People (IiP) practitioner
    20 years' experience helping organisations of all sectors, cultures and sizes to adopt Investors in People disciplines, whether they go for the award or not. Flexible and non-prescriptive coaching approach.
  • Coaching and mentoring
    My approach to business coaching, Straight Forward Thinking. Plain English, reassurance, openness, looking to the future with optimism, listening, questioning, challenging, sharing my extensive experience.
  • Business consultancy
    Business consultant, facilitator, skills trainer, Investors in People adviser, coach, guru, performance measurement expert, business strategy mentor.
  • Business adviser
    Business guru improving business performance with coaching, facilitation, team events, strategy and performance measurement consulting, Investors in People.
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Lance's articles
  • How your brand can boost performance
    Developing your brand isn’t just about improving how you appear to the outside world. It can be an opportunity to improve performance from within.
  • Leadership at every level - Hft
    Story about my work with a client on encouraging everyone to develop leadership qualities and capabilities irrespective of role - inspiration, vision, drive.
  • Mature People Management - Alliance Homes
    Case study: my work with a social enterprise on culture change, employer and customer values and people management. Maturity through emotional intelligence.