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The Joy of Business
I've spent my life running businesses, from social enterprises to IT companies. For the past 13 years I've been supporting small businesses who want to grow into bigger businesses. I specialise in smaller companies and consultancies, and over the years I've worked with hundreds of business owners to help them to grow and develop their companies.
I enjoy all aspects of developing a business - I get excited about marketing, love my spreadsheets, and jump up and down about strategy. I've been called a "business geek" because of the satisfaction I get when at that magical moment it all clicks into place.

I mostly work on an ongoing mentoring basis with my clients, as I find being there to develop the strategy and then help to keep the company on track as the plans evolve creates the best chances of success.

I write and talk about the issues which affect small businesses. You can see some of my tips, opinions and thoughts about business on my blog at www.thejoyofbusiness.co.uk. I'm also regularly featured in the press and on TV and radio about business issues, most recently on Channel 4 News about whether interest rates should go up (that was a definite "no") and on BBC Radio 4's Word of Mouth programme talking about business jargon.

I'm the President of the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce, representing the business community where I live. My work is spread across Brighton, Sussex and London, and I work with about a dozen client companies at a time, which means I'm constantly learning new ways of doing business which I can reuse into new recipes for my other clients.

Although I work across all aspects of a business, helping people with strategy, finance, marketing and systems, I have a couple of specialist areas which people find particularly useful. I work a lot with people who want to give away shares and equity in their company to investors and/or staff, and I use online marketing techniques to help small businesses get their message out there in a very cost effective way/


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