Young Enterprise - Business Mentor

Students at Milton Keynes Academy showed how they are taking on the recession at  this year's Young Enterprise (YE) Trade show event on Sunday 27th January. The YE Company, Vetro showed enthusiasm and perseverance and after a hard day's work won the award for Best Customer Care and runner up for Best Overall Company.


The mission of Vetro is "to provide good quality, one off pieces of clothing, whilst protecting the environment. Services include bespoke creations from our up and coming designer Ryan Robinson as well as the re-imagined, revitalised and renewed vintage clothing, supported by a range of bespoke nail design and custom jewellery from highly motivated Zoe Guymer ." Milton Keynes Academy link teacher, Amy Jones commented, ‘Vetro really showcase the enterprising spirit of our students at the Academy.’  Business adviser, David Stimson agreed, ‘I have been really impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of the team, building a fully functional business from nothing other than cast off's with no external funding in today's climate is a example as to how it can be done. Ryan is certainly a designer with a future’.  It is all fingers crossed now for the Milton Keynes final to be held at the Academy in March.

David Stimson