PAY, BENEFITS and CONDITIONS REVIEW (To achieve cost effective motivating structure)

Pay Auditor was, after a competitive tendering process, invited to support ENTRUST in a review of Pay, Benefits, Terms and Conditions. This was an interesting challenge, as ENTRUST is a unique, tightly run organisation, relying on limited funding - so it was essential that the Remuneration package was designed to attract, retain and motivate the most appropriate, quality staff at competitive rates.
We decided that it was important therefore, to meet a good cross-section of existing staff to learn about motivators and attitudes (as well as the highly specialised nature of some of the roles). Pay Auditor identified the relative levels (or potential grades) of all the roles, without a lengthy job evaluation process. We then researched the market - involving accessing existing current surveys and original research. Our report identified competitive pay ranges and the adjustments necessary to match the market. This work - which involved a short consultancy project during which we conducted complimentary interviews with a cross section of employees; conducted research; analyzed results and gave a full written report was completed in just five days consultancy, over a period of a month.

Derek Burn