Leaving recommendations

Buyers on the National Consultants' Register can leave recommendations for consultants they have previously used. 

To do this you will first need to create a buyer account, or if you already have one log in. Then follow these simple steps:

Step 1 - Find the consultant

Use the search engine to find the consultant you're looking for. You can either by search by a number of fields, or by name.

You can search for a consultant by name or by criteria

Step 2 - Add a recommendation

Once on the consultant's profile scroll down to find the recommendations section. Click 'Add recommendation' to get to the form. Your name and company should appear automatically below which you can leave your recommendation and rating.

Scroll down to find the recommendations section and press 'Add recommendation'

Complete the form to leave your recommendation

Step 3 - Recommendation awaits approval

Once you have submitted your recommendation a notification is sent to the user for approval. Upon approval the recommendation will be publicly visible.