Business consultancy

“Ray's input into the growth of our business has been invaluable. We met him when we were a team of two in one small office and he has been a trusted and indispensible companion on our business journey ever since. Insightful, perception, creative and an a true gent.”

Steven Johnson January 20, 2011

“Ray has an intuitive grasp of what makes people tick, garnered both from years of experience at the highest level of the advertising industry and from being just the most decent all round human being I know. Some people would use that to seek to gain personal advantage, or to intimidate others: but Ray's philosophy is that 'all boats rise' when that wisdom is shared unstintingly with colleagues and clients. This is borne out by his continued commitment to pro-bono work in good causes where he could legitimately have submitted a large bill on the basis of value returned alone. For all of those reasons, working around Ray can make you feel quite humble, but try to get over your own ego, stay with it and you will learn a lot. If you ever have the opportunity to work with him, on a voluntary or paying basis, seize it with both hands.”  

Iain Bennett July 19, 2011

“Working with Ray on the "Creative Wigan" project, I've come to admire his total committment and dedication to the project and his desire to help people, all backed up by his cheery good nature. He's a great asset to any project and an all-round great guy!” 

Paul Jones  March 30, 2012


Ray Hanks