Office Of Government Commerce - “Gateway Review Team Leader”



Steve is an experienced “peer reviewer” and a formally accredited OGC Gateway Review Team Leader for “high risk” projects.   Over the last 10 years he has carried out many (about a dozen) Gateway Reviews and has led several “high risk” Reviews, including Delivering 21st Century IT Support for the NHS and the Child Support Agency Change Programme. The OGC Gateway Process examines a programme or project at critical stages in its lifecycle to provide assurance that it can progress successfully to the next stage. It is designed to be applied to delivery programmes and projects, including those that procure services, construction/property, IT-enabled business change and procurements using framework contracts. Reviews are carried out on behalf of the Senior Responsible Officer and are designed to help projects “get it right” rather than to be an inspection or audit. The role of the Review Team Leader is to be a “critical friend to the SRO as well as ensuring that review is completed in an effective and timely manner. 



Steve Cant