Coaching and mentoring

As an experienced facilitator, mentor and coach I can provide 

· Leadership coaching 

· Team away day facilitation

· Performance coaching

· Support for new managers

· The Four Seasons ModelTM of your team*


The Four Seasons ModelTM is a behavioural preference model and it is based on the extensive works of Carl Jung. The model was developed by Steve O’Smotherly of Now That’s Different and is used extensively on the Clore Leadership courses. The model describes four different character types; they refer to these character types as ‘Seasonal Types’ and they are: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. It can be used on three different levels:

  • on a personal level - for all employees, regardless of      role or position 
  • at a leadership level - for aspiring and existing      managers and leaders and 
  • at an organisational level - for strategic decision-making      



Andrew Jermey-Boys