Improving Communication

Working with Shirlaws I utilise their unique behavioural indicators (Compass) to facilitate communication in the board room and across the business.

What is your natural communication style?

A lot of the work Shirlaws does with its clients is picking apart communication, breaking it down into something tangible and building systems for people to use it to greater effect. Our fastest growing clients are those that commit completely to this; whether it’s in the context of how their sales team talk to potential customers, or how the management team chooses to interact with staff.

Put simply, people communicate & process information in one of three ways at any given time;

  • - Think
  • - Feel
  • - now

Everyone will use all three of these styles in different situations. Some have a preference, a type they tend to use more often than not, and others blend the three pretty seamlessly. Spotting which style someone is using and tailoring what you say to match that style is the art of effective communication.

I’ll use a simple analogy of choosing what to eat in a restaurant as a way to explain Think, Feel & Know. I’ll also exaggerate the styles to make them easier to recognise and relate to. 

Miss Think is the type of person that walks into a restaurant, sits down and reads every item on the menu. Miss Think carefully analyses each and every option, weighing up the pros and cons of each dish before slowly coming to a decision about what they are going to eat. Miss Think processes information slowly and wants to think through everything before coming to a conclusion. 

Mr Feel is the type of person that walks into a restaurant and looks around. They want to see what other people are eating. He looks at the menu and makes a choice. Then a waiter walks by with someone else’s food and they change their mind. Mr Feel is expressive, emotion driven and feels his way through a decision. 

Mrs Know is the type of person who probably already knows what they want to eat before walking into a restaurant. She is decisive and quick to choose, soon wanting to move on and get stuck into dinner conversation. Mrs Know leads with her gut instinct and just knows what she wants.

Chances are you probably all know someone who sounds like one of the three personas above. Likewise, you probably recognise similar situations in business (like buying property, signing off the annual accounts and decision making about a new brand logo) where you can be like one of the three characters above.

The trick of successful communications and to create unity in a team isn’t just understanding what styles are needed when and with whom, but creating a system that does that for you. For those of you wondering, this is what Shirlaws does.

Are you interested in using Compass to improve communication within your business? Follow this link to get in touch and we will send you more information around Shirlaws TFK Indicator.


Andy Wheeler