The Secretariat for African Trade Development And Information Services (SATDIS) 2000-2009

As the Project Analyst/Consultant I performed a variety of advisory tasks including the following:

*Establishment a simple and an effective financial reporting format that was agreeable to our financiers.

*Assessed the organization financial objectives by analysing, developing and presenting financial strategies and plans.

*Monitored changes in the financial status of the organization through the production periodic management financial reports to management for future planning, control and decision making. 

*Took corrective actions to reduce adverse situations that our organization may have met.

*Obtained the commitment of our management team to adhere to budgetary and financial plans.

*Participated in training youth entrepreneurs by teaching management accounting and business planning subjects.

*Represented the CEO in various networking workshops and seminars and provided clear leadership regarding what the organization stood for.


Nicholas Okumu MSc FCMI FIC