Expanding a German Mobile Bank into the UK Banking Market

The Challenge:

Our Client was a German mobile only bank trying to expand their operations by passporting into the UK retail banking market. Being the first to do this, they face the challenge of setting up the correct infrastructure and back-office procedures in order to comply to UK regulation.  With a deadline already set for their UK launch, our clients relied on us to research and document UK processes, so they could focus on their launch



Our Solution:

With Robert’s expertise in the banking industry, he led the Tripple team who worked closely with the client across 3 months. Offering a highly personalised service, we remained flexible and worked rapidly through various phases to complement our client’s start-up mentality.

·     We identified the relevant areas required for our client to successfully transition from EU to UK banking processes using gap analysis.

Collaborated with our Client to prioritise areas of importance.

We discussed and reviewed our client’s processes in detail.

Our team documented processes around Payment Inquiries, the Credit Consumer Act, BCOBS and AML operations.



The Result:

Our team analysed UK banking regulations in depth to provide documentation swiftly at a competitive rate. Our clients were impressed with our adaptability to work across borders and remotely.

Robert Tripp