Networking & How to really tell if that person is right to do business with

I had the privilege of being part of worktrees "career workout " today. Worktrees are a fantastic organisation delivering a number of projects across the MK region designed to introduce every young person to 50 guests from the world of work, something that has proven to have a big impact on their employability.

Yet that isn't the reason for this post, I wanted to reflect on the people who attended, The workforce of MK who have happily put aside an hour or so to go into a school and talk to the next generation about the world of work. It occurred to me just how many of those people I know. Not from these education style events, but from my day job, from the business comunity, clients, colleges, associates. In a nutshell the very same people who over the years I've worked with or at the very least had some style of commercial relationship.
Coincidence? No not at all, after all Milton Keynes has a population of around 250,000 not to mention the amount of people that commute in on a daily bases. 
Large employer's, key corporate headquarters, companies including Network Rail, Coke, KPMG, Red Bull Racing all have a presence here.
Out of all these possible people & the number of networking events, seminars, conferences , corporate social responsibility events that make up the beating hart of this fine city / town a selection of these people have found their way into the same venue on the same day. 
Different people, from different backgrounds, different companies who came across each other at a smorgasbord of events end of on the same mailing lists, with the same company for the same reasons.
I guess the old cliche of like minded people do like minded things rings true.
Can't say where some of these like minded people will cross my path again but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was supporting another great cause.
Not sure about that connection you have made while networking, unsure about doing business together why not wait, get involved with a few good causes, and just see how often you come across them. 
My opinion ,,, I would like to think that it's those people I will be working with, for or even employing in the years to come.

David Stimson