Consumer Demand Driven Factors for the Competitive Positioning of a Hospitality Business

There has continued to be an evolution of service in the hospitality industry. This paper offers a comprehensive literature review, which details the evolution from goods to service dominant logic. This has led to several new models of marketing and many businesses now focus on service as a key aspect to their performance. Hospitality businesses can also be highly competitive and competitive positioning literature in relation to hospitality needs further research.

 This paper aims to gain further understanding of modern consumer needs in relation to service experience in a hospitality context, by combining a detailed consumer survey with more close up interviewing of consumers. The researcher also aims to utilize this knowledge to provide recommendations for the effective competitive positioning of a hospitality business based upon improvement and delivery of customer experience.

 Ultimately the literature is comprehensively reviewed, the survey and data from interviews furthers knowledge of consumer needs and this is analyzed, culminating in key recommendations for future research and for improving competitive positioning in hospitality, based upon delivery of consumer service experience.

Full dissertation and insight available upon request.


Kristopher Ball, MBA