Making Strategy for First Independent Finance

As a business grows, it becomes more complex, more dynamic & more challenging. New skills have to be acquired across the business, people have to be nurtured and directors have to be more reflective on what the business does well, what it does badly, & where improvements can be made. Directors have to ask themselves “what do we really want for and from this business?” Do we have the ability to achieve that? And how can we plan in a fast moving competitive environment. First Independent Finance found itself in exactly this position. How could they create and maintain a competitive advantage in a complex, ever changing business environment? They needed to make the complex world simple. Einstein simplified much of the complex world in his formula E=MC2 , which almost every child knows. Business needs a way to look at their world and simplify how they can deal with what's going on around them, as it will then affect almost everything they do. I had taken part in strategy classes during my MBA studies, but to be honest, I’m a businessman not an academic, and as a businessman I realised that approaching strategy properly could help in focusing my senior management team on the really big things that will make the highest impact and deliver the most value to my business. After a few days with Mark we were in a position to really understand where we had to concentrate our energies. So far, a few months in, we have seen improvements in sales, improvement in marketing, improvement in processes and improvement in people. Our complex world has been simplified and we feel we are moving forward at a faster pace than the competition. One of the best investments we have made in years! Allan Ross, Managing Director, First Independent Finance

Mark Taylor