Strategy consultancy


Create winning strategies using a unique interactive approach


What is it?Making Strategy delivers improved organisational performance through the creation of a robust business model and supporting strategies. It is based on a unique visual mapping process and is easy to access for all key players in the organisation. Previous customers highlight significant improvements across all areas of the organisation as well as a greater sense of buy-in across teams.


Who should use it?It is our belief that all organisations need a robust business model and a focussed management team in order to be successful in today's competitive marketplace. Our customers are from all backgrounds including growing SMEs and public and third sector organisations.




What does it involve?

A Making Strategy programme involves between 1 and 4 days of contact time with the strategy making team and a corresponding amount of support time for analysis, reporting and feedback.

The key stages include:

o Introduction and Orientation 
This entails meeting the strategy making team, providing orientation to the programme and agreeing key parameters and target outcomes.

o The Making Strategy Intervention 
o Devising the strategic issues 'Radar' 
o Developing a comprehensive system of goals 
o Exploring organisational competencies, assets and resources 
o Developing the business model and supporting strategies

o Analysis and Report Generation 
The major outputs from the Intervention are analysed using a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques and a report of 8-12 pages is generated.

o Feedback, Revision and Implementation 
After a period of reflection, the strategy making team reviews the report and discusses the content and implications. This leads to a programme of implementation which can include a simple action plan or a more detailed balanced scorecard.


What are the outcomes?

o A robust visual business model 
o An implementation plan with key actions, time frames and owners 
o Supporting documentation and reports 
o Renewed focus to the core aims of the business 
o Enhanced performance across all key areas of the business 
o A format and simple 'language' for future strategic development

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Mark Taylor