Management consultancy

Management Consultancy services include:


The Strategy Consultancy service includes Strategy Planning, Strategy Deployment and Balanced Scorecard used in combination or as single main focuses. 

Business improvement

The Business Improvement approach typically starts with an in depth diagnostic using a range of assessment, benchmarking and competitive comparison tools. The diagnostic results are used to both prioritise improvement areas for focus, and provide the catalyst for change within the organisation. Structured business improvement tools and approaches are then deployed to deliver the necessary change, supported by effective project and programme management

Process Improvement

Process improvement projects use Lean approaches and tools to improve performance and value add through driving waste of all types from the prioritised process. High focus is also given to people engagement and skills and knowledge transfer

Customer Satisfaction improvement

A focus on customers and how well their needs are understood and met can be an extremely powerful driver of change and improvement. Tony has extensive experience over a range of customer satisfaction assessment approaches and bringing these back into organisations to focus and drive change and improvement.

People Development

An integral part of most projects is people development. Tony applies  well developed methodologies for skills and training needs assessment and planning which can be deployed on a stand alone basis or as an integrated component of other projects

EFQM based improvement

The EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) "Business Excellence" model is widely used by organisations  around the world as a framework for developing and improving their businesses. It provides a strong diagnostic and assessment tool and builds a strong understandiing of what creates and drives results and improvement in an organisation. Tony is a qualified EFQM asessor and brings the full power of this framework to bear in helping organisations improve. This can be in stand alone EFQM assessment mode, supporting EQQM award submissions or as an integrated component in his other Management Consultancy and Improvement assignments

Tony Lake