Coaching and mentoring

The Coaching and Mentoring service includes the following elements and approaches:

Leader Coaching

Working with Senior Leaders and Executives in organisations to enhance self awareness including the use of psychometric tools and 360 feedback.  Using coaching approaches to assist them to create personal change, realise their potential, improve their impact on their teams and colleagues and increase their overall effectiveness and performance

Senior and Other Team Facilitation

Tony has extensive experience using coaching and mentoring approaches in teams settings. He has worked with a wide range of senior and other teams to develop their ways of working, interpersonal behaviours and overall effectiveness. This typically involves working with them in their team setting and also working with them as individuals to coach them in specific aspects of their impact on the team

Individual and Team Development Approaches

Flowing from his coaching, mentoring and facilitation activities are the development needs which emerge. Tony provides a range of personal skill modules which are usually delivered in a group setting, where this will be more prowerful than one to one, to meet such needs

Tony Lake