Strategy consultancy

The components of the Strategy Consultancy service, applied in combination or individually include:

Strategy Planning

A workshop based approach with leadership teams in businesses driven by research and diagnostic activity. The aim is help the team create clarity of Mission, Vision and high level Business Goals and the prioritised areas of focus and action to deliver these

Strategy Deployment

Developing and defining a strategic plan is only half the battle. It cannot deliver unless it is effectlely deployed within the organisation and marketplace. Tony has extensive experience helping teams to communicate staregy and business goals and deploy these successfully throughout organisations. Many tools and approaches are used to assist in this task including Balanced Scorecard, Project Management and an extensive toolkit ot improvement and breakthrough techniques

Balanced Scorecard

Tony makes extensive use of the Balanced Scorecard in helping organisations and teams clarify their priorities, understand the drivers of results and create clarity of measured objectives and results. It flows natiralfrom the strategic planning process but can also be useful in its own right to craete focus, a basis for action and accountability. Securing team buy in is a key element of the implementation approach

Non-Executive Director

Tony is an experienced Non-Executive Director and in this role provides strategic input guidance and challenge to the Senior Teams he works with

Tony Lake