The Art of Marketing; How to Win with Strategy & Tactics

"Strategy without Tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."  Sun Tzu, the Art of War .... or should that be The Art of Marketing?


The words of Sun Tzu resonate down the centuries and not much has really changed in 5000 years. 


Every week I examine business marketing strategies and every week I see confused ideas about strategy and tactics.  So what is the difference between strategy and tactics .... and does it matter?


It matters a lot.  If you have no overall strategy and don't understand how to market tactically you will not get a good return on investment and your business is in danger.


What does marketing "Strategy" mean?


Your strategy shoud be your high level plan of action designed to achieve a defined long-term or overall aim. 


For example my marketing strategy consists of five simple high level ideas,I startted to develop these ideas many years ago ant hey consist of

  • Reducing my costs whereever possible,
  • Automate wherever possible,
  • Testing and measuring everything
  • Engaging with my customers and propsects as much as possible
  • Keeping my marketing simple.



What marketing "tactics" should I use?


Tactics are the means by which a  strategy is carried out.

So in my case to I automate my online advertising via Google Adsand I use Google Analytics to provide me with a measure of how effective various elements of my website are.  Other tactical tools include LinkedIn as a research and engagement tool (but not for advertising as it has proved expensive when I've tested it) and I use YouTube to allow me to automatically present videos to people on websites, in emails, etc.  YouTube also provides me with data to inform the tests I run and keeps my costs low .. YouTube is a free way to host and didtribute video!


These are just a flavour of the my strategy and the tactics I use. It is more complex than this; but not so complex and to make the business unweildy.


 Question Yourself


The questions you need to ask your self about your own marketing strategy and tactics should focus on a strategy for acquiring customers and followers, how you'll nuture them and how you'll convetr them into customers that return again and again.


Once you have a strategy defined you can think about the tactics you'll use to deliver your strategy.  They may not resemble mine as our businesses are different.  But you ought to be able to select a number of marketing tactics and test them to see which work best for you. 

Stefan Drew