Manufacturing Cell Lean Improvement Project

I held Lean awareness sessions with all staff across the company to raise the profile of the effort and collect survey feedback.

Leading a structured Lean Kaizen approach over a 90 day period we assisted in Defining and Scoping the initial pilot project which would be focused on the company’s highest running and earning product, The team and relevant support staff were then facilitated through the structured approach covering the following;

  1. Lean Basic Training
  2. Performance/ observation data captured & stakeholder survey
  3. Value Stream Mapping, waste identification
  4. Improvement opportunity identification & prioritisation
  5. Kaizen week of implementing improvements
  6. 30 days of sustaining improvements
  7. 30day report out to staff

 The Impact

The results from the 90day duration were;

1. 20% Cell productivity improvement

2.  2% margin increase passed onto customers through Price reduction

3. 10% cell space freed up to accommodate further production

4. 5% Warehouse space freed up avoiding off-site storage

5. 20% reduction in Kanban WIP – 4000 less parts on cell

6. Vast reduction in material shortages from 12 down to less than 3 at any time

7. 78% cell flexibility now through rotation & training

8. 5S implementation - Environmental & Safety improvement, 100% cell employee satisfaction.

9. Cell Leaders assigned and role implemented – self managing cell

10. £101K tangible benefits total

 Notwithstanding the financial benefits, the project has delivered an environment and culture within the cell area which will continue to yield improvements and benefits in future and be used as a model for the company moving forward with their next 4 projects across the business with continued support from myself through 2013 & 2014.

Colin Aitkenhead