NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Ready to Lead Programme - Continuous Improvement Training

This introductory course provides attendees with a deeper understanding of process improvement and become more confident in leading an improvement project. 

 Attendees will be introduced to a step by step framework for improvement which will result in the success of their projects and the sustainability of changes implemented. This approach is based on the Lean Six Sigma  DMAIC Model (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve & Control).

They will have the opportunity to practice a range of process improvement tools and techniques on their current projects, understand and identify the various natural barriers to change initiatives in their organisations and practical strategies to ensure implementation success.

Attendees will understand and further develop the skills required to facilitate improvement and to manage change as action plans are implemented.


This introductory course is held over 2 consecutive days.

For those requiring more practice and detail there are other durations available.


1) To provide training and real-life practice to successfully implement an Improvement Project.

2) To create a set of individuals who can think about continuous improvement, ask the right question at the right time and then select the right tool to use in a particular situation.3) Confident improvement facilitators.4) A suite of useful and easy templates to use throughout each stage of the DMAIC approach.

Colin Aitkenhead