Project management

Once an organisation has committed to the implementation of change (systems, process, new supplier, or service...) the hard work begins. How many projects are delivered late, over-run on cost or do not deliver the expected benefit or return on investment.

Sometimes the symptoms of project failure are clear but not the cause. Lack of change management, poor communication of objectives can reduce organisational ‘buy-in’ thereby creating barriers to success.

We can provide experienced and dedicated project management to support your project implementation. Developing project plans, preparing the organisation for change and actively managing the schedule, risk and contingency.

We will ensure that your project goals and business objectives are delivered on-time and within budget.    

•             Programme & project management

•             'Back on track' service

•             Coaching and troubleshooting

•             Preparation of project plans and risk assessments

•             Post implementation reviews

Robert Smyllie