Your profile

What is your profile?

Your profile is where visitors find out all the information on you. It’s your online hub.

From your profile a prospective buyer can find out what services you offer, they can read into the successes you’ve had in past projects and they can take a look at what qualifications and awards you hold.

Can anyone create a profile?

To ensure that the National Consultants' Register contains the highest quality consultants full profiles are available to members of the Institute of Consulting only. By doing this we are able to verify that the credibility of consultants has been checked through our membership application process and in turn ensure that buyers know who they are looking at. 

How to complete your profile

Once you have completed your registration your profile becomes active containing the minimum amount of contact information and can be searched by visitors. It’s important to continue building your profile and keeping it up to date so to enhance the prospect of winning new business.