Top tips

The National Consultant's Register rewards users who professionalise themselves through IC membership, show commitment to professional development through qualifications and awards and, importantly, who can demonstrate previous success through recommendations. It rewards users by improving their visibility across the site and on other IC property where the Register is promoted.

How to improve your profile

  • Get recommended
    Share your profile and get recommended. It's the old maxim - people buy through recommendations and referrals above advertisement. The Register rewards this approach by improving your profile 'score' based on the number of recommendations you have. 
  • Create content for articles
    Highlight your authority and knowledge on particular topics relating to your specialism(s) by writing blog articles. These articles are promoted on the homepage plus you can use the social sharing tools available to spread your knowledge across the web. 
  • Upgrade your membership
    Take the next step on your professional journey by applying for the next grade of IC membership. IC membership is a highly valuable tool in being able to demonstrate your credibility to potential clients and now upgrading your membership gives you twice the edge. If you aren’t already enjoying the benefits of IC membership and only have a basic profile you can become a member online. 
  • Become a CMC
    Undertake further qualifications and awards. The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) award is the ultimate recognition of a professional consultant and is recognised globally and now it also counts heavily towards your profile 'score'. Our other qualifications, that ultimately lead to CMC, also count favourably towards your profile.