Finding a consultant

The challenge

We know that finding a reputable, credible consultant or consultancy firm with a proven track record of delivering value is difficult. Experienced buyers have often had experiences that left a sour taste whilst first time buyers fear the process based on the negative press that surrounds the use of consultants, mainly in the public sector.

The National Consultants’ Register is a network of professional consultants with the intention of promoting the highest calibre consultants which in turn mitigates some of the risks attached to buying in consultancy and advice.

How to find a consultant using the Register

  • Step 1: Visit the consultants search engine
  • Step 2: Customise your search according to service, experience, qualifications and recommendations from other users. Or if you know the name of the consultant or firm you can search by name on the right hand side of the page. You can narrow the number of results returned by adding multiple options in applicable search fields. 
  • Step 3: View the list of consultants returned from your search. By default these will be displayed in order of authority based on a number of criteria on their profile, with the highest at the top. Should you wish you can sort by other criteria or refine your search further on the right hand side.

We recommend using Institute of Consulting members

The National Consultants' Register allows IC members and non-members the ability to create profiles so that buyers get a greater perspective on the types and number of consultants available to them. 

However the IC only recommends the use of IC members to prospective buyers. Why is this? Members are essentially endorsed by the IC to deliver their services and they are authenticated during the membership application process. The application process consists of a thorough check of the consultant's credentials, their experience, qualifications and client satisfaction levels. 

You can check if a consultant is a member of the IC by looking for a grade level underneath their name. The grade level will be one of the following:

  • Affiliate studying
  • Affiliate
  • Associate
  • Member
  • Fellow
  • Recognised practice
  • Premier practice
  • Premier practice + accredited

If this does not appear under the consultant's name on their profile then they are not an IC member and we can not validate what they claim on their profile.