As the professional body for consultants, business advisors and consultancy firms in the UK we represent the greatest number of professionals in the field.

As the use of consultants becomes more widespread so, in turn, do the risks buyers are faced with.  The National Consultants' Register aims to take the hard work and risk out of consultancy procurement, by providing easy access to UK's best consultants and business advisors. IC members have their applications rigorously checked so we can ensure they have the breadth of experience, qualifications and skills that make them the best in their field, and in doing so we recommend them to prospective clients both here in the UK and abroad.

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Finding a consultant

Finding a consultant entails many risks, whether you have hired consultancy expertise before or not.

The National Consultants' Register exists to make the job of finding a consultant easier and less risky. Find out how to use the Register and what to look out for in our Finding a consultant section 

How to find a consultant

Top tips

Depending on the business need, there are normally many different criteria that buyers look for in a consultant. 

We've got some top tips for what buyers should be looking for in a consultant when searching the National Consultants' Register.

Take a look at our top tips for buyers

Leaving recommendations

Recommendations and positive referrals are a key source of new business for consultants and consultancy firms. 

If you've used a consultant on the National Consultants' Register who has delivered a positive impact on your business then why not share your experience with other buyers?

How to leave recommendations