About National Consultants' Register

In the UK over 80% of clients have been let down by poor consultants in the past. The challenges they have fought with include reliability, poor skills, lack of experience and excessive prices. The culmination of this is little or no return on investment and an unwillingness to seek the value that consultants should ultimately return in the future. 

The National Consultants' Register aims to overcome many of these challenges by providing a pool of consultants that can be trusted to deliver.

We endorse the use of Institute of Consulting members to businesses looking externally for specialist guidance, advice and support. Our members have demonstrated the necessary consultancy experience, qualifications and evidence of ongoing professional development so that we, and you, know they are the best in their field.

The Register allows visitors to view information on our members, the services they offer, their previous work, their specialist knowledge of certain subject matters and the ability to contact them.

Poor procurement processes and ineffective consultancy harm thousands of businesses each year. We want businesses to break out of routine appointments and the fear of the unknown, afterall it's better for business. That's why we've developed this Register and we believe it's a huge step in moving the consultancy industry forward.